Padmé Costume: Final Pictures


One morning in early September, I literally got up at 5 AM to do my hair and put on the costume… since it took a really long time. And we left around 6:30 to get to this beautiful park by 7 so that we could get this magical early morning sunlight and beat the crowd. My mom is an amazing photographer and took these awesome pictures!

But, after that point, the costume STILL wasn’t completely done… After that, I spent a lot of time doing more embroidery on the skirt and adding way more sequins. I’ve been doing the same to the blouse. And they’re still not done! O_O Also, I’ve been doing the edges of the cape in gradient green thread. That’s still not done either.

Here’s my pic side-by-side with the original costume!

I’m not going to explain how I did the hairstyle because there are lots of good tutorials out there. But I will say this- I used NO HEAT to make these curls. I slept with about 50 pin curls on my head overnight. And, most people used extensions or doll hair or whatever, and I might have done well to do that… but I didn’t. Lol. But, my hair is almost long enough to do the style accurately!

Oh. And recently I went to a Disney themed swing dance and I danced with Darth Vader. It was awesome.

(You can even see that there’s more sequins on the skirt here than in the other pictures.)

There was only one downside to making this costume- no Anakin included.


6 thoughts on “Padmé Costume: Final Pictures

    • Oh I know, the embroidery would take SUCH a long time without that curtain! Thanks, I’m glad you found this helpful!


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