What Costume To Do Next?

Now that I’m done with my Padmé cosplay and the 1950s dress, I want to do one really good, time-consuming project before I go to college. No rush, no deadlines, just time to make a really, REALLY good costume. Something that looks really professional and elaborate. I’m really torn between all these options I was thinking of.. between cosplay and historical and designing my own thing. So, I’m enlisting you guys to help me decide which of these awesome things I should do!

~Cosplay options~

For cosplay, one of my first choices is to do something from Once Upon a Time because the costumes are simply AMAZING. If I do that, though, I’ll need to do another poll to decide which costume for that! XD I would probably do something of Regina’s, because she probably has the best costumes. Or Snow or Red or maybe Aurora.

I would also consider doing something from Lord of the Rings. I’m not a super Lord of the Rings fan, but I LOVE Arwen and Galadriel’s costumes. If I did one of these, I wouldn’t do an exact cosplay- I would dress it up quite a bit by making the train a lot longer or adding embroidery to the bodice or something along those lines. One thing that makes me seriously lean towards doing Arwen’s Requiem dress (the purple one) is that it has a cloak and I’ve always wanted to do a cloak. I don’t have blue eyes, though. And I’m not blonde like Galadriel.

(That’s the Requiem dress. Below is probably my favorite Galadriel costume.)

Or, something from Ever After, the Drew Barrymore Cinderella movie. I love the costumes from this- they are from one of my favorite eras, the early Renaissance. most of the costumes in this movie are actually pretty accurate to the time period around the 1490s or so.

Finally, I thought sometime I would like to do a cosplay of Elinor, Merida’s mother from Brave. I could buy some long ropes of doll hair or whatever to do the super long braids- and once again, I’d probably make some modifications to the dress to make it much fancier and more formal.

That’s it for my cosplay options! Next I had some ideas for a historical thing. I’ve already done a medieval-inspired dress (which does not look so great now, but oh well) and recently I did a 1950s dress. So I was considering a few different eras to try. The first is the early Renaissance- probably somewhere between 1490 and 1520. My only issue with this is that the Padmé meadow picnic dress was very much inspired by this era, and I wanted to try something different… But I’m still considering it.


I also am really interested in the Edwardian era, also known as the Titanic era, which is between 1901 and 1910. This era is full of beautiful high-waisted gowns and silks and fabulous updos and hats. It also has some kind of extreme corsets- it is known for the “pigeon breast” look. But I could do a less extreme silhouette, and honestly I would love to make a really good historical corset out of coutil and steel boning. (There are so many different styles in this era, so they can’t all be represented by one picture, but this is one of my favorites.)

The other thing I wanted to do from history is the 1920s. I literally have the perfect 1920s body. Back then they idealized a flat chest- women with fuller breasts would actually wrap them up to flatten them down and make their chests appear smaller. I barely even have a chest, even though I’m almost 18, so I feel like it would almost be a waste of my body type to not do something from the ’20s! They have some just gorgeous evening gowns for the movie stars and such.

I have long hair, but I know how to do a faux bob.

My last option was to design something totally original. I’m pretty good at designing dresses and I would love to go all-out with a poofy fairytale princess sort of thing that would combine elements of medieval, Elizabethan, and Edwardian fashion. It would have a nice corset and a ballgown skirt and awesome sleeves and stuff.

So, what do you guys think? I’m going to put up a poll at the end of the post. And if you have any other suggestions, please comment. I’m open to all options. It just has to be very fancy, not yellow, not Star Wars, not 1950s, and not blue.

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