Announcement: Next Costume!

Okay, everyone, I have decided what my next costume will be!

*drum roll*


Or maybe not what some people consider to be technically Edwardian. I’m going to do something from the year 1912. Yes, I’m getting specific down to a year, because there’s a lot of information available from a year-to-year basis from this period, since it was fairly recent. (Not like the Middle Ages where we barely know how fashion changed over periods of 50 years.)

I won’t be replicating a dress from a photo or anything, but I’m going to research the period and sort of design my own thing, but I’ll limit myself to only using elements seen in 1912 dresses. I’m thinking the dress will be ivory and pale pink.

Here are some photos of 1912 dresses and corsets and such!

Pretty, huh? I’ll be posting some of my research findings soon. Needless to say, I’m extremely excited to get started on this, and I hope you guys are excited to learn about the Titanic era with me!

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