Random Side Project: Catwoman!

While I’m still doing research and sketches and trying to decide whether or not I should get the online magazine subscription for the 1912 costume, I have decided to undertake the completion of a random side project!

I love to go swing dancing, and the group I go to is doing a superhero theme next month. So I’m going to make (or, finish) a Catwoman costume for that! I already started it in, like, 2014 because of my brother’s YouTube videos he makes. (Long story.) I made the mask, which looks pretty cool, and started on the corset. But that was even before the Padmé costume, so, needless to say, the old corset is a piece of junk! I decided to completely start over with it.

Some of you may be DC geeks and are asking, “But which version of Catwoman is it?” Well, years ago my family watched the 1992 Batman movie with Michael Keetan and Michelle Pfeiffer. (I hope I spelled the names right.) and I absolutely loved Catwoman in this movie- she was so creepy and the costume was awesome.

I just love that weird shiny black spandex stuff, and all the random white stitches, and the corset, and the “second skin” look.

I already made the mask which looks pretty awesome, I have to admit! It was really tricky. I’ll post pix later, feeling kind of lazy at the moment. 😛

I’m not going for a dead-accurate cosplay like I did with the Padmé costume. (For example, that would require getting really awesome black boots with a tall skinny heel. Those are expensive. I already have black boots, but they’re flats.)

And I’m not buying a corset pattern, but I found a sort-of pattern online that looks similar enough. I’ll be using this.

This actually seems to be a historical corset but that’s okay!

Tonight I got some awesome stretchy black spandex-ish stuff, and I still have boning from the last attempt at this costume so I’m ready to go!

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