Random Side Project: Anakin-Inspired Cosplay

It’s that time when I’m just itching to sew something and I have ideas and money to spare, so I will now introduce the next random side project: Anakin Skywalker-inspired Jedi cosplay!

Why am I embarking on probably the third random side project since I decided to do the Edwardian dress? Several reasons. One, I’m getting impatient waiting for my spiral steel boning and stuff to arrive, and waiting to order some good coutil. (It’s EXPENSIVE.) Two, I have a little extra money from babysitting. Three, I did a similar thing- an Anakin-inspired Jedi costume- several years ago, and that was when I first learned to sew, so I think it deserves an upgrade! Four, there will probably be Halloween parties at college, and I want something that’s warm and easy to wear. My Padmé costume and 50s dress and USO dancer girl costume are very nice, but the latter two aren’t very warm, and the Padmé costume is not easy to wear!

Besides, Anakin is probably my favorite character from anything EVER. And it makes sense for me to do a cosplay inspired by his look, because I have the right hair color and everything.

Before we get into my sketches and the costume analysis, here’s a picture of my old costume, the first version. I made this when I was 14, and it was the first costume I ever made.

IMG_9374 - Copy

Overall, that costume is not half bad, considering it was made by a 14-year-old who had never sewn in her life! But now that I get the chance to have a do-over, here are the things I want to improve. One, there is only one tunic, and Jedi costumes are usually 2 tunics. Two, the closure method for the tunic was really awkward. (Velcro.) The closure method for the obi (belt/sash) was really awkward too. (Again, Velcro.) Three, the tabards are not done accurately- it looks like an apron instead of two strips. Four, it’s hard to move around in that costume because the tabards would fall off my shoulders all the time! Five, there is no glove. Anakin is supposed to have a really cool leather glove with silver rings on it. Oh, and the tunic color is too light- Anakin’s tunic is supposed to be super dark brown in Episode III, almost black.

And now, we will analyze the original costume…. which means we HAVE to look at pictures of Anakin! Oh well! >:3

Most of the research, I got from Padawan’s Guide. That had some good information about how to construct the tunics and everything. It’s because of them that I know that there is an under tunic, an over tunic, the tabards, and an obi (belt).

Now, moving on to Anakin’s costume specifically….

See what I mean about the tunic color? It’s very dark brown, almost black. And note how I did not do the tabards correctly- I made them join in the front, while they’re supposed to be two separate strips. Jedi Apron.

In this lovely romantic picture of him and Padmé, you can see that there is a shoulder seam on the top of the tabards. I don’t really know why that is. Maybe it’s just because he’s so tall, and it would have been inefficient for them to buy extra fabric to cut them all in one strip. But then again, they spent $60 grand on Padmé’s red throne room dress in The Phantom Menace, so you’d think they have the budget…. Anyway, it’s good to know that I can do a shoulder seam if I need to.

Now, there aren’t very many good pictures of him wearing the glove- it’s kind of hard to see in most cases. But here’s a good replication of the glove.

I was planning on just making the glove out of the same material I bought for the tabards. Where else can I get a glove that looks anything like this without spending tons of money on a replication? Besides, I found the silver rings on Amazon! I ordered them and they’re on the way!

The glove won’t be easy to make, because it is rather a complicated design. But it’s better than spending $50 or more on a replica glove.

Now, here’s the fabric I bought.


The faux leather was a lucky find! I was having a very hard time looking for faux leather that was almost-black or black, and solid colored, and soft and flexible, and not gimmicky. There was literally nothing at JoAnn’s that fit that description. So I checked the remnant bin and found this! It’s true black when, ideally, it should be technically brown- but this is not a high-end cosplay so I didn’t care. It’s a pretty good-sized remnant- 0.833 yard, which is almost 1 yard, and it’s 54″ wide. Since I’m not tall, that should be plenty enough for my tabards and glove. The other fabrics are for the tunics. The dark brown almost looks black in person, so it’s a great color. I’m not sure what the fiber content is, but it’s soft and thin and feels like it could be a cotton/polyester blend. The lighter brown is for the inner tunic, and it’s a polyester satin lining fabric. It’s very soft.

The fabric of the real costume is this very interesting Indian homespun silk stuff, but it’s REALLY expensive, and can’t be locally purchased, so my poly satin stuff will do. XD

Lastly, here are my sketch pictures.

Overall, I modified the idea of the costume to make it more, well, girlish. My belt won’t have all the gadgets, because those are hard to find/make, and they bulk up the waist. I don’t want to actually look like a guy. Also, I’m making the tunic shorter, and I’ll be wearing fitted leggings instead of baggy trousers. The neckline will also be lower. I’ll have the tunic “skirt” flare more, like a normal A-line skirt. I already have some cool leather boots.

The pieces should be pretty easy to draft, since they are pretty much just two front pieces, a back piece, and sleeves.

Some people curve the tabards to adjust for the bustline on female figures, but needless to say, I don’t really need to do that! I will also have the tabards extend off the shoulders, to make my shoulders look broader. The wider shoulders and hips will add the illusion of curves to my frame.

I’m pretty excited for this costume! It will be easy and fun, and satisfy my itching desire to sew something. I can wear it at any sort of costume party or Comic Con or whatever.

Not to mention, this summer I’ve been learning how to do real lightsaber tricks….. So that will really boost my Jedi cosplaying skills!

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