Fashion Designer | Seamstress | Corsetiere | Cosplayer | Historical Costumer

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog. I am a costuming and fashion design hobbyist who hopes to someday be an entrepreneur in the fashion industry. My creations include modern corsets, Star Wars cosplays, historical costumes and princess dresses. I am mostly self-taught.

This blog is all about my addicting and money-sucking but immensely satisfying hobby of costuming. You can follow me on Instagram as ameliamarie.seamstress, on Pinterest as ARSkywalker, and on Facebook on the page Amelia Marie: Seamstress. Don’t forget to take a look at my gallery to see pictures of the projects I’ve made. Thanks for reading!

UPDATE AS OF 4/17/20: It’s been forever since last I wrote on this blog and I wanted to clarify how I intend to use it in the future. As a newer seamstress, I used to write these detailed descriptions of how I made my costumes. Now that I’m busier and the sewing process feels more repetitive, I do not have interest in doing that anymore. If you follow my Instagram, you’ll get more detailed updates like progress pictures. Also there are so many good resources out there with sewing tips if you’re looking for those.

If you do venture across any of my older posts (I’d define “old” as before 2018), do take any of my sewing “advice” with a major grain of salt because I was much newer then and gave out some bad advice. XD

Right now I think I’d like to use this blog mainly for analyzing historical fashion and busting stupid myths (mainly myths about corsets), discussing the history of fashion in general, analyzing antique pieces I own, and maybe discussing the inspiration behind pieces I make and reminiscing over cool events I’ve gone to. Explaining how I make things makes my head hurt, lol. Still, I hope the blog is entertaining to you and hopefully you’ll learn things about fashion history! Thanks for stopping by!


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