Photos of all the major costumes I have made, from Summer 2015 to present

~Winter 2021-Spring 2022: Christine Daaé “Rooftop Dress” from Phantom of the Opera~

This gown is easily my greatest accomplishment as a seamstress so far. It took me a year and a half to create and I’m immensely proud of it. If you would like to read blog posts detailing how I made this, please let me know!

~Summer 2021: 1860s Yellow Swiss Dot Sheer~

Technically, I finished this in the spring of 2022, including the undersleeves, but I did the brunt of the work for it in the summer of 2021. (The bonnet in the first two pictures is not mine, but the third one is.)

~Spring 2020-Summer 2021: Edwardian Wardrobe Upgrade~

I worked on these items on and off starting in 2020, and I had them all mostly finished for a historical fashion show in summer of 2021. I made an Edwardian “lingerie dress” or white lacy day dress, made a hat, added some embroidery to my corset, and upgraded the pink evening dress. The photo of me in the evening dress is by Seven Tones Photography.

~Spring/Summer 2020: Elsa “Fifth Spirit” Dress from Frozen 2~

Be sure to read the posts detailing how I made this!

~June 2020: Pink 1860s Day Dress~

I made this in 2020 for Civil War reenacting, and in Summer 2022 created some additional accessories for it like a bonnet, veil, pocket and belt.

~January 2020: Snow White and the Evil Queen~

Based loosely off the classic Disney cartoon. I did not make the Evil Queen’s gown, and she assisted me with the cape.

~June 2019: Christine Daaé Dressing Robe ~

Based on Broadway performances of Phantom of the Opera

~May 2019: 1860s Ballgown~

I made this for a ball at Greenfield Village, and over the next few years slowly added a few upgrades such as lace on the bodice and reworking the skirt pleats. I also made some of the underpinnings such as altering a hoop skirt and making some petticoats. I added more underpinnings such as a corset, chemise and drawers over time.

~Winter/Spring 2019: Upgrades to Padmé Picnic Costume~

Upgrades included doubling the skirt volume, changing the skirt lining, adding more embroidery to the bodice and remaking the blouse and cape.

~October 2018: Anakin Skywalker Cape~

(To complement existing costume)

lightsaber twirl gif

~June 2018: 1912 Princess Slip and Evening Gown~

(Worn with combinations and corset)

~July 2017: Edwardian Combinations~

~January 2017: Edwardian 1910s Longline Corset~

IMG_0020 (2)

~October 2016: Star Wars Anakin Skywalker Genderbend Cosplay~


~September 2015: Star Wars Padmé Amidala Meadow Picnic Cosplay~