Padmé Costume: Skirt Construction

This will be a reasonably short post, since my skirt wasn't really that complicated. It should have been, because it should have been a circle skirt and circle skirts are complicated. But, like I already said, circle skirts waste a lot of fabric and usually require patterns, and I didn't have a ton of money … Continue reading Padmé Costume: Skirt Construction

Padmé Costume: Blouse Construction

(Previous Posts: Headband and Hairnets, Blouse and Skirt Part 1) After I dyed and embroidered my fabric, I got started making the blouse! It might have been a good idea for me to use a pattern, but I didn't for three reasons. 1. Budget. 2. I'm a control freak. 3. I'm good at math. So, … Continue reading Padmé Costume: Blouse Construction