Edwardian Corset Mock-Up v2.0

You know how people binge-watch TV? Well, I binge-sew. I can't just spend half an hour a day doing gradual work on a projects. I spend over 6 hours on a Sunday doing a sewing marathon, and then leave a project for two weeks. Thankfully, I had lots of time yesterday to make Version 2 … Continue reading Edwardian Corset Mock-Up v2.0

Edwardian Corset Mock-Up!

Do any of my fellow costumers here get what I call "costume anxiety?" It's that point where you're just like. Oh. Crap. Everything is messed up and it's going to be even more complicated than I thought, and everything I need is so darn expensive and how am I ever going to fund this!! Well, … Continue reading Edwardian Corset Mock-Up!