Making an Edgy Sith Lord Cape

In this post, I am going to blatantly ignore the advice of Edna from the Incredibles. While capes may be a hazard to superheroes, they're so fun to wear, I couldn't resist making one for my Anakin Skywalker costume. Besides... a good Jedi always removes his cape before a fight anyway! When I first made … Continue reading Making an Edgy Sith Lord Cape

Random Side Project: Anakin-Inspired Cosplay

It's that time when I'm just itching to sew something and I have ideas and money to spare, so I will now introduce the next random side project: Anakin Skywalker-inspired Jedi cosplay! Why am I embarking on probably the third random side project since I decided to do the Edwardian dress? Several reasons. One, I'm … Continue reading Random Side Project: Anakin-Inspired Cosplay