My Costuming Bucket List

As I’m moving steadily through the Edwardian project, I’m thinking ahead as to what my plans are for the future. There are lots of cool ideas out there and I wanted to narrow it down a little bit, as well as give you a preview of some of the things you might see discussed on this blog at some point.

Also, after the Edwardian dress, I only plan on making one more project for myself. First of all, my closet is getting full! Secondly, I want to get experience working with various body types so I can easily make stuff for other people, and perhaps eventually get to the point where I can sell things and make money.

The first category: Historical. Here are the other eras besides Edwardian that I want to try:

  • 1920s. This is the last thing I will make for myself, for now anyway. This is the perfect era for my body type- boxy, curveless, flat chested, long and slender arms and legs. I could pull off the 20s look flawlessly!

  • 18th century. The noble and royal fashion in the 1700s is really quirky and cool, with the tall hairdos, rectangle-shaped skirts, and unique corset shapes. I’m fond of that era in general because of things like Mozart and the American Revolution.

  • A 1940s bathing suit. In the 40s, swimsuits were really adorable and flattering but not slutty! Today they could pass for just normal summer wear.

  • 1830s. The Victoria show really inspired me here! (See previous post for more about the 1830s.)
  • Other eras to consider (I would probably pick one of these): Tudor/Elizabethan, 1930s, or 1860s. The Tudor era silhouette is really interesting, 1930s are the most classy and timeless dresses ever, and the 1860s are famous for those giant skirts!

Next category: Cosplays. I have enough cosplays for myself, but you never know which one of my friends might want me to help them make an amazing cosplay! Here are some specific things I do not want to miss.

  • A classic Disney Princess cosplay. Somebody that could have a very big hoop skirt, like Cinderella or Belle. I’ve been wanting to make a classic princess dress for quite some time!

  • I’m still wanting to do a Lord of the Rings Elven cosplay for somebody who looks more like Arwen or Galadriel than I do! Particularly Arwen’s purple Requiem gown or Galadriel’s white gown from The Hobbit. This would be perfect for someone who’s much more of a LoTR fan than I am.

  • A genderbend cosplay of Enjolras from Les Miserables might be really cool! His 19th century red coat/revolutionary look would be fun to work with.

  • That’s about all I feel a pressing need to do as far as cosplaying goes. Star Wars has the best things to cosplay from, and I already have two very good Star Wars costumes!

The final category is purely artistic/wearable art sort of stuff:

  • A fiber optic dress. These things are super cool! People incorporate glow-in-the-dark lights into a dress to give a really awesome look.

  • I had this idea for a magnificent fairy costume, in which the main focus is the wings. The wings would be represented by a massive cape, supported in the back and looking like folded up wings, probably made of delicate sheer fabric on which I would do some beading or embroidery. Maybe it would have some wiring. You know how big a butterfly’s wings are in proportion to its body? That’s how big this cape/wing structure would be in proportion to the person wearing it.
  • A sheer corset. I have no idea what sort of sheer fabric is strong enough to be a corset, but I intend to find out! They look awesome! Look at this one, it is sheer on one side and beaded with red rhinestones, to look like blood.

  • Another idea I had was for a gothic cathedral-inspired corset. The long, slender, delicate boning channels of my Edwardian corset reminded me of the long vertical lines of a gothic cathedral! I was imagining a beige corset with very long, pronounced boning channels, and maybe some seams that look like pointed arches, and embroidery that looks like stained glass.

Overall, I think my niche in sewing is more corset-based than anything. It’s extremely technical and creative at the same time, and a corset has so many health benefits! I want to make as many as I can for myself and for others.

Looking forward to more projects in the future! Thanks for reading!

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